Database Research & Activation Executive

Location: Goodlands, Mauritius

The role you’ll play:

ABANA is building a B2B platform which will bring together the diverse stakeholders of the Textile & Apparel eco-system in the Indian Ocean and Africa. Your role will be to develop a database of international buyers and regional sellers in coordination with our Country Representatives and through your own independent research based on guidance from our team.

Your Main Tasks:

  • Analyze existing list of registered members
  • Update list of potential members in Mauritius & Madagascar from existing internal database and other sources
  • Co-ordinate with Country Representatives to on-board their individual databases and discuss other research leads.
  • Research on-line sources & databases in other markets for buyers and sellers.
  • Work closely with our digital marketing team to tailor invitation emails for each member segment and analyze response & success rates to inform your future research.

What you bring to the table:

  • Analytical and on-line research skills
  • Proven and in-depth expertise in use of Excel and database tools. Expertise in business intelligence tools would make you stand out.
  • The ability to work independently and find innovative ways to achieve objectives.
  • Self-confidence to interact and discuss with our foreign Country Representatives.
  • While this is not a digital-marketing role, familiarity with digital marketing tools and methodologies would be useful.

We are an ambitious start-up and we wish to attract multi-disciplinary and like-minded individuals to the team. You will thrive here if:

  • You are passionate about serving customers – both internal and external.
  • You are not scared to speak up but you are equally a great listener
  • You have strong problem solving & analytical skills and are able to bring solutions that deliver real business value.
  • You are able to recognize and maximize new business opportunities.
  • You have a self-imposed commitment to exceed goals
  • You are willing – and happy – to support related functions
  • You want to make a difference.