General Terms and Conditions

(Version 1.9, updated 03 August 2021)

1. Applicability These General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) govern ABANA’s (Mauritius) Ltd business relationships with customers who sign up as Members on the Platform available under   2. Definitions For the purpose of these GTC, the following terms shall have the meaning assigned to them below: 
  • 2.1. “Account” means Company Account or Individual Account, if applicable, including Subaccounts created under it, including all information visible on the Profile belonging to such Account. 
  • 2.2. “Buyers” are Members who registered as a buyer (i.e. chose an Account which enables them to source or buy products) on the Platform. 
  • 2.3. “Company Account” shall mean a company Member’s technical and legal access to the Platform. 
  • 2.4. “ABANA” shall mean ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, Royal Road, Mapou Leclezio, 30410, Goodlands. 
  • 2.5. “Buyer” shall mean a natural person Buyer. 
  • 2.6. “Sellers” are Members who registered as a Apparel Manufacturer (AM),Yarn, Fabric and Accessories Suppliers (YS) or Service Provider (SP) 
  • 2.7. “Subaccount” shall mean a sub-account under a Company Account for single natural persons, which provides access to the Platform. 
  • 2.8. “Member(s)” shall mean any legal or natural person who has concluded an agreement regarding the use of the Platform with ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd
  • 2.9. “Platform” shall mean the online platform as provided by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd after a log-in under the domain 
  • 2.10. “Profile” shall mean the information connected to an Account and visible to other Members or non-Members. 
  • 2.11. “Principal” shall mean any natural person or legal entity on whose behalf or for whose benefit Buyer, partly or completely, uses the Platform (e.g. if the Buyer is an employee of such entity or works for such entity as a freelancer, e.g. as a commercial agent or consultant). 
  • 2.11 “Feed’’ refers to the listing or Posts, RFIs, RFQs, Reports, Announcements and other items which Members see on their Home Page. 
  • 2.12 “RFI(s) / LISTING(s)’’ shall mean requests for information for garments, services or other textile products 
  • 2.13. “RFQ(s)” shall mean requests for quotations for garments, services or other textile products. 
  • 2.14. “Drops’’ shall mean the e-commerce section where ready-to-ship products are offered for sale. 
  • 2.15. “Website” shall mean, including all content and sub-domains thereunder. 
  • 2.16. “Order” means Your order for the purchase of Product(s) from a Seller or ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd that You place via the Website. All derivatives of the word “Order” (Such as “Ordered”) should be understood in the context outlined in this definition.
3. General Provisions
  • 3.1. Under its Platform, ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd provides online tools and matching algorithms for promotion, getting in contact, business initiation and qualification, exchanging information, business management and marketing, as well as general market intelligence. Upon entering into a subscription agreement for the use of the Platform with ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, Members can connect over the Platform. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd will constantly develop and improve the services on the Platform to allow Sellers and Buyers to display their products on their Profiles and to offer the manufacturing of products and also services to Buyers and Sellers. 
  • 3.2. The following terms and conditions apply between ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd and Members relating to all services provided by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd to Members on the Platform. By subscribing for the Platform, the Member accepts these terms and conditions for the use. In these GTC, words in the singular include the plural and vice versa. 
  • 3.3. Terms and conditions deviating from these terms and conditions shall only apply if these are confirmed by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd in writing.
4. Eligibility for Membership
  • 4.1. The Platform is generally only available to Users who act in execution of their commercial or independent business activity (according to Mauritius Civil Code). Notwithstanding the previous sentence, Individual Buyers, who are employees and use the Platform as a tool to perform their duties under their employment agreements, may register on the Platform, even if they are considered a consumer (within the meaning of Mauritius Civil Code) under statutory law. 
  • 4.2. Apparel Manufacturers (AM) may only subscribe if they are verified garment manufacturers or manufacturing sub-contractors of such manufacturers, who are based in the Indian Ocean and African continent. In the future, the platform may invite garment manufacturers from other selected countries. 
  • 4.3. Yarn, Fabric and Accessories Suppliers (YS) and Service Providers (SP) from any location are eligible to subscribe on the Platform. 
  • 4.4. Buyers from any location are eligible to subscribe on the Platform.
5. Registration Process and Conclusion of the Subscription Agreement
  • 5.1. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd offers different subscription models for Buyers and Sellers.  These may be without subscription fee or with a predefined subscription fee. Details of ABANA’s (Mauritius) Ltd pricing policy are available under
  • 5.2. For fee-based subscription models ,  the User shall enter into a subscription agreement for the Platform on-line with a specific periodic plan and billing cycle (In-Full or Monthly). Once billing cycle chosen, it can only be changed at the end of the subscription period..
  • 5.3. All information indicated in the registration form, in particular contact information and information on whether the Member will use the Platform as Seller or Buyer, has to be complete and correct. The Member must inform ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd immediately of any changes with respect to the information provided, in particular in terms of e-mail address and, in case of a fee-based subscription, billing and payment information. 
  • 5.4. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd has the right to suspend the Member’s access to the Platform if there is sufficient reason to assume that the Member is in breach of these terms and conditions.
6. Accounts and confidentiality of log-in-data
  • 6.1. For some subscription models, ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd provides Members with the possibility to add additional sub-accounts under their Company Accounts, in order to enable the use of the ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd platform by its staff. The number of such sub-accounts is limited depending on the subscription type, as detailed under
  • 6.2. All log-ins are individualised and may only be used by the respective authorised Member. The Member is obliged to keep the log-in data strictly confidential and to protect them from unauthorised access by third parties. The Member is also responsible for the confidentiality of sub-accounts (e.g. its employees’ log-ins) and shall instruct its personnel accordingly. 
  • 6.3. The Member shall inform ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd without delay of any suspected unauthorised use of the log-in data. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd reserves the right to change a Member’s or a sub-account’s log-in data and/or to deactivate an Account and/or sub-account, if there are indications for an unauthorised access by third parties.
7. Use and Functions of the Platform
  • 7.1. The Member may use the following functions of the Platform, if and to the extent they are part of the Member’s subscription model. 
  • 7.2. The Platform’s functionalities include a chat function, matching algorithms and the possibility to connect with other Members by using a connect-function. The Members may add information to their Profiles on the Platform. Sellers may share their products or services in the Catalogue on the Platform and Buyers have the possibility to specify the requirements of products they intend to buy. 
  • 7.3. Members are aware that the information provided on the Platform, e.g., information added to their Profiles and the virtual showroom, e-catalogue and bulletin board are accessible by other Members of the Platform. By adding such information to the Platform, Member makes available such information to other Members of the Platform. Additionally, certain information provided by Manufacturers (such as their company name and scope of business) can also be accessed publicly by non-Members. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd does not show the full name of natural persons outside of the Platform. 
  • 7.4. Members can use the platform to search for other Members, filtered by different criteria. These search criteria are shown to Members of the Platform in connection with such Member’s Profile. Buyers can search for AMs, YSs and SPs. Sellers can search for Buyers and other Sellers (AMs. YSs, and SPs)
  • 7.5. Additionally, PRO Buyers can post specific RFQs on the Platform to the General Feed, their own network, or selected suppliers. 
  • 7.6. Sellers who receive RFQs can reply to these. 
  • 7.7. The Platform provides a knowledge repository on which Buyers can bookmark Sellers and vice versa and manage information, such as visit reports, photos, notes, profiles, file uploads, in their Profiles. 
  • 7.8. Each Member is free to enter into agreements with other Members under its own conditions using the functionalities of the Platform. Each Member is solely responsible for any agreements entered into with other Members of the Platform. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall not become a party to any agreements between Members of the Platform and shall not be bound by agreements between Members. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd is not responsible for the fulfilment of any agreements between Members of the Platform. 
  • 7.9. It is the sole responsibility of Members to gather information on other Members they enter into agreements with, e.g. relating to creditworthiness and signing authority. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information available over the Platform. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd is not responsible for any results leading to the suggestion of business partners by use of the search functionalities, recommendations, or the matching algorithms. 
  • 7.10. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd reserves the right to change, amend or extend the content or structure of the Platform as well as the corresponding user interfaces, provided that the fulfilment of the purpose of the contract concluded with the Member is not or not considerably affected as a result.
  8. Member’s GENERAL Obligations and License
  • 8.1. The Member has to ensure that all information on its Account or shared via its Profile is correct and not misleading and does not violate the rights of third parties, in particular the rights of third parties in trademarks, design rights or rights in secret know how. Member shall ensure that its Account’s entries and content uploaded on its Profile (such as companies and natural person’s names, contact information, products available) are complete, correct and up to date. 
  • 8.2. By uploading content to the Member’s Profile or sharing content on the Platform, the Member grants ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to use the content to reproduce the content (according to Mauritius Copyright Act) and make the content available to the public (according to Mauritius Copyright Act). The Member grants ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd the right to use such content. In addition, the Member grants ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, for the term of this agreement, a non-exclusive, worldwide right to use the Member’s company name and logo, and the brand name and brand logos of all of the Member’s and its subsidiaries’ brands which the Members has uploaded or shared on the Platform, as a reference for ABANA’s (Mauritius) Ltd services, in newsletters and for advertisement. 
  • 8.3. The Member shall instruct all its staff who use Member’s Company Account, or, if applicable, all staff who have created Subaccounts under a Company Account or have access to such log-in information, to comply with these terms and conditions. 
  • 8.4. The Member shall be obliged 
  • * a) to implement and maintain regular data backups of information which is of commercial and/or legal importance for the Member during the entire term of the contract; 
      • b) to ensure the careful handling of log-in information and ensure that no unauthorized person gains access to the log-in information; 
      • c) to cooperate with ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, to the extent necessary to investigate and prevent unauthorized access to the Platform; 
      • d) to use the Platform exclusively for the purpose to enable a connection between Members for commercial purposes. 
  • 8.5. The Member undertakes to refrain from any activities which endanger the performance of the Platform or disturb other Members. The Member refrains from using crawlers to gather data from the Platform and accessing data which the Member is not entitled to use or to share the data provided on the Platform or by other Members with third parties who are not a Member of the Platform for commercial purposes. 
  • 8.6. Members shall ensure that the information and data published or uploaded by it on the Platform does not contain any malware such as trojans, spy viruses and similar software. The Member is obliged to compensate ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd for any damages and to hold ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd harmless from any third-party claims resulting from the non-compliance with these obligations.
9. Additional obligations regarding Subaccounts
  • 9.1. If a Member’s subscription enables creating additional Subaccounts, it is the Member’s sole responsibility to ensure that the use of Subaccounts by any of its natural person agents (such as employees, managing directors, freelancers) complies with applicable law. 
  • 9.2. In particular, Member warrants that it is entitled towards such persons to 
  • a) instruct or allow them to use the Platform under employment law. 
  • b) process or let them process their personal data upon registration process and during the use of the Platform under data protection and telecommunications law.
10. Additional Obligations for individual Buyers who act for other entities
  • 10.1. If an Individual Buyer acts not for him/herself, but for a Principal, the following additional obligations apply: it is the Individual Buyer’s sole responsibility to ensure that he or she is legally allowed to use the Platform vis-Ă -vis such Principal and to comply with any contractual and statutory obligations towards such Principal. In case this is not possible, the Individual Buyer may ask his or her Principal to conclude a Company subscription under ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd. 
  • * 10.2. In particular, an Individual Buyer acting for a Principle must ensure that 
      • a) he or she does not upload any content of a Principal visible to other Members of the Platform, if such content is subject to confidentiality obligations; 
      • b) he or she has the legal power to grant the licenses under Section 8.2 to ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd for any content on the Platform concerning the Principal; 
      • c) he or she does not upload any content of a Principal if this is prohibited under intellectual or industrial property rights law; 
      • d) in case he or she enters into agreements with other Members on the Platform on behalf of a Principal, he or she has the legal power to do so, and, in case he or she works for several Principals, he or she provides transparent information vis-Ă -vis other Members of the Platform on which Principal’s behalf he or she acts. 
  • 10.3. In case the legal relationship of an Individual Buyer to a Principal ends, Buyer is solely responsible to delete any information on the Platform which he or she was only entitled to upload or publish under such relationship, or to ensure vis-Ă -vis his or her Principal that he or she may continue using such information, in particular if such information constitutes protected know-how of the Principal. 
  • 10.4. In case an Individual Buyer’s Principal changes (e.g., if such Buyer is an employee who changes employers), Buyer updates his or her Profile accordingly. 
  • 10.5. If necessary in order to fulfil the obligations under this Section 8 and, if applicable, 9, or to separate information concerning different Principals, Individual Buyers may maintain several Accounts on the Platform. 
  • 10.6. In case Individual Buyer uses the Platform for the benefit of a Principal, such Individual Buyer’s general obligations under Sections 8 and, if applicable, 9, apply to any information and content shared on its Account on behalf of Principal accordingly. With regard to Section 8.4, the Individual Buyer warrants that his or her Principal complies with ABANA’s Code of Conduct. 
  • 10.7. Unless an Individual Buyer informs ABANA otherwise, ABANA assumes that all information on his or her Profile is the Individual Buyer’s own information or has been authorized by its Principal. ABANA may update such information in accordance with Section 11.
11. Sub-account Updates
  • 11.1. Member hereby agrees that ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd may, on behalf of Member, update information on Member’s Profile, if Member directly sends such information (e.g. company presentations, lists of equipment used, scans of regulatory certificates) to ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd which complements, obviously contradicts, or is more up-to-date than, current information on Member’s Profile (e.g. if Member supplied a new version of a manufacturing certificate or informs ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd of additional equipment bought). 
  • 11.2. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd may access public registers (such as the commercial register, customs information, information provided by non-governmental organisations or databases concerning compliance certificates), or request information from third party providers (such as credit scoring agencies). ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd may use such supplementary information to (i) complement or update a Member’s Profile, (ii) link such information to a Member’s Profile or (iii) validate the entries on a Member’s Profile visibly for other Members (for example, by adding a checkmark to such verified information). 
  • 11.3. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd may ask Members to correct, or directly correct, obviously wrongly information on a Member’s Profile (such as wrongly tagged photos in a Member’s virtual showroom). 
  • 11.4. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd is not obliged to provide such updates of Profiles. Member may inform ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd if such information is incorrect and ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd will reverse the changes in due time.
12. Liability of Platform Operator
  • 12.1. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall be fully liable for wilful intent and gross negligence and any harm to body, life and health caused by intent or negligence by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, its representatives or other assistants. For slight negligence ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall be liable only in case of infringement of essential contractual obligations. The liability in case of infringement of such essential contractual obligation shall be limited to the damages typical for the contract which ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd should have expected when entering into the agreement due to the circumstances known to ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd at that time. 
  • 12.2. The limitations on liability set out above shall apply accordingly to ABANA’s (Mauritius) Ltd employees and other assistants or agents. 
  • 12.3 ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd is not liable for the accuracy and completeness of the profiles on its Platform. As a facilitator, it is not liable for any damages incurred by Buyer or Seller in the context of their bi-lateral business relationship. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd encourages all Members to exercise independent due diligence before starting new business relationships. 
  • 12.4. To the extent the Platform offers options to redirect to databases, websites, services etc. of third parties, for example through links or hyperlinks, ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall neither be liable for the accessibility, existence or security of such databases or services nor for its contents. In particular, ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall not be liable for the legality, accuracy and completeness of such third-party services. 
  • 12.5. To the extent the Platform incorporates information from third party providers (for example via an API call), ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall neither be liable for the accessibility, existence or security of such databases or services, nor for their contents.
13. Third Party Contents, Data Security, Confidentiality
  • 13.1. The Members must not publish content which infringes statutory provisions, official orders or common decency. In addition, Members must not publish content which infringes rights, in particular copyrights and trademark rights, of third parties. 
  • 13.2. Except as set out in Section 11, ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd does not review content provided by the Members to the Platform and declines any responsibility for such content. 
  • 13.3. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd reserves the right to remove any contents if such content violates the applicable statutory law or if ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd has reasons to believe that the content violates the rights of other Members or third parties. 
  • 13.4. The Member holds ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd harmless against all claims third parties may have due to the infringement of their rights or statutory violations. 
  • 13.5. ABANA´s (Mauritius) Ltd servers are secured by industry standard technology, in particular firewalls and/or encryption; however, the Members are aware that there is a risk for all Members of the Platform that data transmitted may be intercepted. This also applies to the integrated messaging system and all other transfers of data. Thus, confidentiality of the data transmitted while using the Platform cannot be guaranteed. 
  • 13.6. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd implements economically reasonable measures to reduce downtimes of the Platform to a minimum. However, as any technical system, there can be downtimes of the Platform due to software bugs, maintenance, upgrades etc. The Member is responsible for the implementation of measures to ensure that temporary downtime does not affect the Member’s business operations. 
  • 13.7. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd keeps all information provided by its Members and which is designated as confidential information strictly confidential and only uses such information in accordance with these terms and conditions. This does not apply to information that 
  • * a) is lawfully known by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd at the time of receipt and not through a prior disclosure by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, 
      • b) is at the time of disclosure or thereafter becomes published or otherwise part of the public domain without breach of this agreement by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, or 
      • c) is substantially disclosed to ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd by a third party who is not under an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information. 
  • ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd uses high encryption standards to ensure confidentiality of critical data provided to ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd. 
  • ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd has the right to disclose information in case and to the extent ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd is legally obliged to. 
  • 13.8. The content provided by Members on the Platform is accessible to other Members of the Platform. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd does not make such content accessible to third parties which are not Members of the Platform except (i) in order to provide the Platform’s information and invitation functionalities as provided for under Section 7, or (ii) in case ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd assigns essentially all parts of the Platform to a third party or (iii) in case ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd uses such content for references or advertisements as set out in Section 8.2. However, Members are aware that ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd cannot prevent other Members of the Platform from sharing such content with third parties.
14. Term
  • 14.1. The initial term starts with the acceptance and payment of the subscription agreement according to Section 5. The term of the subscription is unlimited, unless terminated as detailed in section 14.3 and 14.4
  • * In case of payment by credit card, the subscription will be automatically renewed, and the credit card debited, at the end of the subscription period for a further period on the same plan and terms.
  • 14.2. In case a subscription is cancelled before the end of a Subscription Period, there is no refund by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd. In case of a monthly billing cycle, the credit card account will continue to be debited monthly until the end of the Subscription Period. 
  • 14.3 A member can leave the platform at any point in time by requesting ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd to delete their account by sending an email to []( Due to technical reasons, it may take up to thirty (30) days until the member’s profile is fully deleted from the platform and not visible to other members.
  • 14.4. Each party shall have the right to terminate this agreement for good cause without a notice period. A good cause for ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd is in particular: 
  • * a) the breach of provisions of these terms and conditions or the Code of Conduct by a Member (or, in case of Individual Buyer acting for a Principal, a false warrant regarding the Principal’s fulfilment of the Code of Conduct), which are not remedied within a deadline set; 
      • b) criminal activities by a Member or the attempt of such criminal activities, for example fraud; 
      • c) long-term operational disruptions as a result of force majeure beyond the control of ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, such as natural disasters or fire. 
  15. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions for Use
  • 15.1. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall inform the Member of amendments of these terms and conditions in writing, by fax, by e-mail or by a message displayed to Members when logging on to the Platform. If the Member does not object to such amendments within a period of two weeks after receipt of the notice, the amendments shall be deemed agreed. ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd shall inform the Members separately of their right of objection and the legal consequences of silence in case of amendment of the terms and conditions. 
  • 15.2. If the Member objects to the amendment of the terms and conditions ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd has the right to terminate the subscription agreement with two weeks’ notice.
16. Law and Venue
  • 16.1. If a Member concludes and performs the obligations under its subscription in execution of their commercial or independent business activity (according to the Mauritian Civil Code), the following shall apply: 
  • * a) All disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract or its validity shall be finally settled in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Mauritius Arbitration Court without recourse to the ordinary courts of law. 
      • b) The arbitral tribunal shall be comprised of a sole arbitrator. 
      • c) The seat of the arbitration is Port Louis, Mauritius. 
      • d) The language of the arbitration shall be English. 
      • e) The rules of law applicable to the merits shall be Mauritian. 
  • 16.2. Else, if a Member is considered a consumer (within the meaning of Mauritian Civil Code), the following shall apply: 
  • * a) The place of jurisdiction shall be as determined by statutory law. 
      • b) All disputes, controversies or claims arising in connection with or relating to this agreement or its validity or a breach hereof shall be governed by the Law of the Federal Republic of Mauritius excluding its conflict of laws rules.
17. Miscellaneous
  • 17.1. Except with the prior written consent of ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd, a Member may not transfer any rights and obligations under this agreement to third parties. Member will consent to any future transfer of this agreement to a company affiliated with ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd. 
  • 17.2. If a Member acts in execution of their commercial or independent business activity (according to Mauritian Civil Code), it may invoke set-off or exercise a pledge or right to retain only if the claims made have been acknowledged by ABANA (Mauritius) Ltd or have been adjudicated in court with legal effect.
18. Products purchased on ABANA’s E-Commerce Platform - Drops
  • 18.1. Returns: Our Returns Policy details how and when you can return any products you have ordered and is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference. 
  • Cancelling because you’ve changed Your mind 
  • * As you are purchasing the Products online, you will have a legal right to change your mind within fourteen (14) days from delivery of the products and receive a refund (including costs of delivery but excluding the costs of return) – however, please note that these cancellation rights do not apply to: 
      • Any product that is made to Your specifications or is clearly personalised, 
      • Any products that have become inseparably mixed with other items after delivery. 
  • Returning faulty Products 
  • * The Products sold to you must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. You are entitled to the following: 
      • Up to thirty days (30) upon receipt: if the products you received are faulty, then you can get a full refund (this refund will include costs of delivery and return). Products must be returned unworn and with original labelling and packing. 
      • Products must be returned unworn and with original labelling and packing. 
  • We request your to contact our Customer Service department on to confirm the return address and refund method.
  • 18.2. Shipping: Our logistics partner DHL delivers door-to-door. Shipping costs include delivery from factory to your delivery address.
  • 18.3 Delivery Times: Our DROPS products ship within 4 working days of receipt of order, or receipt of funds in case you use Bank Transfer as payment method. Although shipping times are generally longer during this Covid period, DHL will deliver within 4-5 days.
  • 18.4 Prices: Our prices are quoted in US$ and include all import duties. VAT and Sales taxes are *not* included and will be charged and collected by DHL upon delivery.