Why Africa?

Discover the Future


Position for the future & profit now

As the Far East & Indian sub-continent grow & develop, their apparel industries will become more focused inwards to cater for local demand, as is already evidenced in China. Future-proof in Africa, the continent with the greatest growth potential for supplying fashion. Take advantage of Africa’s duty-free entry into the EU, US & African markets and protect your supply-chain from geo-political risks


Partner with Africa for Africa

Fashion can be a tool to spark social change and provide opportunities to positively impact communities. Discover African expertise and support artisans and industries to achieve better livelihoods. Partner with businesses in Africa and access an array of textile techniques in weaving, printing, beading and many more to preserve and benefit from the untapped cultural wealth of the continent.


Climate Justice through Fashion

Africa is a dynamic continent with diverse knowledge and materials. Fashion can be an instrument of growth and environmental justice as sustainability is embedded in African artisanal skills - naturally resourceful and mindful. Connect with an emerging generation of conscious designers and compliant suppliers across Africa who are creatively re-inventing the supply chain. In an era of climatic challenges, work with Cotton Made in Africa to strengthen Africa’s promising future in sustainable development.